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Develop a social media strategy that fits your brand perfectly.

Getting started is often the best way to go. However, in the case of social media marketing, it is better to be wise than to “just do it.” Clever means, above all: strategic. Think of social media marketing as a long-distance run. You need good stamina, but you also need a lot of running, training sessions, sound equipment, and unique technique so that you can compete and stand out among all the other runners. With a well-thought-out and authentic social media strategy developed from your brand, which focuses on your customers and pursues your goals in the long term, you will prevail over other providers. Do you want to develop a sustainable social media strategy? Then take your time and ask yourself the following questions:

Who are you?

Be clear about what you (want to) stand for as a brand. Please put it in a crisp sentence that your customers will remember.

What do you want to achieve? Be clear about what you as a company want to accomplish with your social media strategy. Thee precisely the process can be tailored to the. Ar you defining your goals, you looking for new talent? Position yourself as an employer brand in social networks and reach interesting groups for your recruitment. Are you changing from a pure retailer to a solution provider? With a branding campaign, you can get that into the minds of the right audience. Important: Set yourself realistic (and measurable!) goals – and allow for wastage.

Who do you want to reach?

You have to know interested parties to develop good content for them. Admittedly, target groups on social media are a complex topic. But the better you know your (potential) customers, the more precisely you can respond to their wishes and develop content that fits their needs exactly. We have written in detail here what is behind target groups, what this has to do with so-called personas, and how a corresponding concept works.

In which social networks is your target group active? Look at data, not just gut instinct, to reach your audience exactly where they spend most of their time. Use the campaign management tools of the major social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn and carry out precise analyses, for example, with Google Analytics. This analysis is the basis for reaching your target group in a tailor-made way. Necessary: Analyze regularly. Check and question your content – and the target group’s behavior on the respective channels. The use of dashboards is helpful in not having to analyze each track individually and having the entire campaign activity at a glance.

What are the people you want to reach interested in? Nowadays, this can be found quite precisely in social networks. It’s not just about interest in your product and services. Imagine you are a local internet provider. They have pretty good tariffs and pretty tough competition from the big players in the market. This is what happened to LWLcom, one of our customers. As an Internet provider, LWLcom knows everything about good Internet. But they see a lot more: for example, setting up your home office and staying fit and productive there. The information was in demand during the pandemic – and, therefore, the core of the social media strategy. The guiding principle was: “With LWLcom straight into the home office.” Correspondingly, relevant and informative content and formats were developed that have something to do with an internet tariff “via gangs” but pick up people exactly where they are: in the home office.

SocialPilot Review

What Is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is a social media tool for small teams that offers many features to improve collaboration. It works with various social media platforms, so you can easily manage all your social presences in one place.

SocialPilot works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google My Business. You can manage up to ten social media accounts in the cheapest plan.

Pro tip: If you’re operating in the Russian market, SocialPilot is the only social media tool on our list that works with VK, a popular social media network for Russian-speaking users.

Scheduling content is straightforward. Once the content is created, you can drag and drop the content onto a social media calendar. SocialPilot also offers a shared inbox for managing incoming content in one place.

Pro Tip: Boost your social media reach with SocialPilot’s excellent built-in tagging feature.

Another great feature of this social media tool is the analytics on all your social media content (even if it’s not published through SocialPilot). Thanks to these analyses, you can quickly get insights into the performance of the published content, your target group, and the top influencers among your followers to adjust your strategy if necessary.


  • Plan large amounts of content in advance, where you can have thousands of releases in your queue
  •  Filter your content by social media account or groups
  • Get new inspiration for social media content via keyword search with keyword search
  •  Manage team content with an approval workflow


  • high prices

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