Month: November 2021

Lenovo K10 Note First Impressions

Lenovo K10 Note First Impressions and Review. To say that Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung dominate the mid-range smartphone market would be an understatement. With everyone clamouring for a piece of the cake, every smartphone brand must bring their game A. Lenovo has been deceptively quiet for a while, but with the launch of the K10 Note, it looks like the brand might be ready to take a stand. More ag...[Read More]

Xiaomi and VK have introduced a smart speaker !

Xiaomi and VK have introduced a smart speaker . What can it do? keep up with the review. Elegant and sonorous But first, how did Marusya’s house turn out? In essence, this is a localized version of the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Art. Previously, it entered the global market with a Google Now voice assistant, but it does not understand Russian yet. So the new column is the first in Xiaomi’s p...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi 11 Review

Xiaomi Mi 11 Review We bring the review of one of the best smartphones manufactured to date by Xiaomi. A complete smartphone improves specific points over its predecessors, including high-speed charging, a fantastic screen and fantastic performance. Before starting the review, I would like to thank Kibotek for lending us this Xiaomi Mi 11 during this past week. I always want to analyze the most po...[Read More]

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