Xiaomi and VK have introduced a smart speaker !

Xiaomi and VK have introduced a smart speaker . What can it do? keep up with the review. Elegant and sonorous But first, how did Marusya’s house turn out? In essence, this is a localized version of the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Art. Previously, it entered the global market with a Google Now voice assistant, but it does not understand Russian yet. So the new column is the first in Xiaomi’s p...[Read More]

Creative SXFI Review

When the heyday of multichannel home cinema began in the late 1990s, triggered by the expansion of DVD, we could hardly imagine that two decades later, neuroscience was going to be a very valuable ally of our audio equipment,keep reading review for more information. Dedicated multichannel sound systems, those that incorporate at least six speakers in 5.1 configurations, do not need it, but when in...[Read More]

Philips Fidelio L3

The headphone market is a treat few consumer electronics manufacturers overlook. According to the Statista consultancy, the first five months of this year in China, which is currently the largest market for these devices, generated revenues of $ 4.476 billion. If we add to this figure the revenues of other large markets, such as Europe, the United States or Japan, the final amount unambiguously re...[Read More]

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