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If there’s one thing you should master in social media marketing, it’s storytelling. It is also essential to have an overview of legal aspects and possible developments, but always in order!

Storytelling: the be-all and end-all of social network marketing

Storytelling means developing a narrative and breaking it up into several chunks. This keeps your audience on the ball. The success of the story format shows that this works exceptionally well. Snapchat showed the way, and now nobody can imagine Instagram or Facebook without Stories.

What is good storytelling? Quite simply: emotions! A few sentiments that are often used on social media are:

  •     Solidarity – “We together…”
  •     amusement
  •     worries
  •     willingness to help
  •     surprise
  •     anger or displeasure
  •     frustration

A prime example of “storytelling” in the truest sense of the word is the Humans Of New York Instagram account. The format is simple: each picture has a caption in which the person in the picture tells something about their life. The captions are usually long, which is rather unusual on Instagram – and still works, precisely because it’s about very personal things.

New social networks: the evolution of social media marketing

Facebook (closely followed by YouTube) is still the undefeated number 1 among social networks. Will it stay like this forever? Of course not. That’s why you should always keep an eye on the latest trends and developments. For example, it is currently becoming apparent that:

  •  Video content is becoming more and more critical.
  • Visual text preparation or layout plays a central role.
  • . Some content is becoming increasingly political (environment/sustainability, etc.), and companies are therefore required to take a clear position – which can polarize strongly.
  • there is always a particular area in the social network with the most marketing potential (messenger marketing on Facebook etc.)

Social media marketing and the legal level

At least since the introduction of the GDPR, social media marketing has been associated with special legal considerations – personal keyword data. This includes i.a. with a:

  •     cookies
  •     Sweepstakes data
  •     Push messages
  •     Right to your picture

If you use user-generated content for advertising purposes, the author must never go unmentioned.

In addition, there are factors such as the clear labeling of advertising, the imprint, the use of stock photos or music (sync licensing), liability issues, etc.

However, because our expertise lies in ​​social media and not in legal subtleties, we refer to tips from legal experts at this point!

What to look out for when looking for a social media marketing agency?

Agencies that can help you with social media marketing are a dime a dozen. And who doesn’t know this: The larger the selection, the more complex the decision – unless you know what to look out for from the start. Two factors are most important:

  • Know-how and references – Do the agency promise the moon (“Social Media? SEO? Web design? Sure, no problem!”) or a realistic range of services? Does she have existing clients who validate these skills?
  • Personal support – are you just a number in the agency’s client file? Or are there contact persons who can discuss everything with you, e.g., B? Value an effective briefing?

What you need for social media marketing

Defining social media marketing is not difficult. Putting this unique form of marketing into practice requires more effort, as seen in this very extensive article. But now, you don’t have to read thick tomes, complete endless webinars, or deal with tutorials all night long – learning by doing is the order of the day.

Prepare a strategy and learn from what happens afterward. Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., is a mixture of creative outside-the-box thinking, perseverance, structured thinking, and targeted analysis. You can’t learn any of it by heart, and you have to find the right way through constant testing.

Socialgro Review

What is Socialgro?

Socialgro helps you grow your business through search engine and social media advertising, professionally overseen by a team of industry veterans. They help companies perfect their advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Amazon Advertising.

They have created world-class marketing campaigns for more than ten years and managed Facebook Ads campaigns for nine years.

Socialgro believes social advertising on Facebook and Instagram offers a unique opportunity to drive leads and sales by targeting potential new customers based on interests, job title, industry, demographics, etc. Unlike Google Ads, social ads target people who are likely interested in your products or services but may have never heard of you.

Socialgro creates and manages Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns focusing on ROI based on your unique goals and objectives. To do this, they use a four-step process:

  •     research
  •     creativity
  •     create Account
  •     Optimization & Management

When you work with Socialgro, you get a full-service social media marketing team. The agency ensures you build strong relationships with your target audience online by creating bespoke, engaging content that is complemented by highly targeted advertising across digital media and stunning photography/videography. This gives you a high recognition value, more visitors, higher sales figures, and a loyal audience.

They divide their services into:

  •     Analysis/Reporting
  •     Blogs/Newsletters
  •     Strategic Partnerships
  •     company training
  •     advisory
  •     video campaigns
  •     Digital Marketing Campaigns
  •     photography and styling
  •     Content Creation

Socialgro has more than 150 clients worldwide across various niches, including Food & Beverage, Fashion, Bridal & Jewelry, Real Estate, B2B, Beauty & Fitness, Professional Services, and Household.


  • has more than 150 clients worldwide
  • creates and manages Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns focusing on ROI based on your unique goals and objectives
  • target audience online by creating bespoke, engaging content
  • They help companies perfect their advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Amazon Advertising.

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