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success factors

Since the use of social media for marketing purposes also harbors some dangers, it is essential to consider the following critical success factors when using them to achieve the targeted company goals.

First of all, social media should be carefully planned and thought through, and a corresponding strategy should be developed that includes clearly defined goals. Competent employees are also required to achieve this.

It should also be noted that not only is advertising posted on the various channels, but that content is generated that is relevant to users and offers them added value, be it information, advice, or entertainment.

Another critical success factor at the core of social media is active interaction with users and building a dialogue. Care must always be taken to respect the users and not insult them. In addition, the statements of the users should be taken seriously and answered, and the wishes expressed should be responded to. In addition, it can be beneficial to establish rules for users on social media to ensure factual and productive exchanges.

A last important aspect is to coordinate the communication on the social media platforms with the company’s overall communication strategy to ensure consistent communication with the customer across all channels.

chances and risks

The use of social media for marketing purposes is associated with some opportunities and risks, which should be considered when deciding for or against social media marketing.

First of all, the range of marketing messages can be increased through social media if the users forward them, and thus, viral effects arise. This forwarding of the letters by the users also increases the credibility of the communication and ensures greater attention. This can be explained by the fact that messages received from friends are more likely to be accepted than those from a company. By linking the social media activities with the company’s other online offers, synergy effects can also arise. Thus, for example, higher visitor numbers can be generated for the company’s website.

Furthermore, communication via social media is associated with lower costs than classic advertising measures such as TV spots or print ads. In addition, wastage can be reduced since advertising on social media can be very targeted group-specific due to detailed user profiles.

In addition, social media marketing offers the potential for direct and immediate communication and interaction with users and is therefore of essential importance for a company’s public relations work. Since users have the opportunity to communicate their problems and wishes directly to the company, the company can record them immediately and react accordingly.

Finally, you can also benefit from social media marketing in search engine optimization since information shared or evaluated on social media is classified as more relevant by search engines such as Google and thus leads to a higher ranking.

Despite these many opportunities, social media marketing is not a patent solution but also harbors some risks. Every user has the opportunity to express their opinion on social media, be it positive or negative. If users’ complaints are not responded to appropriately, a shitstorm can quickly ignite, resulting in considerable image damage. Companies, therefore, have less control over their communication activities than traditional media, which is why a carefully thought-out communication strategy is indispensable in the context of social media marketing.

Given these opportunities and risks, determining whether social media marketing is suitable for one’s own company should decide if the company and its products are discussed on social media. In addition, a company should be aware of whether suitable communication measures can influence this discussion in favor of the company or not. Social media marketing should not be done half-heartedly to emulate other companies but should be an essential part of the company’s communication strategy.

Ahrefs Review

What Is Ahrefs?

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Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that will help you increase traffic to your website. It has information on more than 2 billion keywords, including words from more than 171 countries.

Ahrefs does a competitive analysis that will allow you to review which of your competitors is topping the charts, their most visited pages, and more features. You can see on which platforms it stands out and identify the main weaknesses of your content to improve it and make it more competent using Content Gap. Top Pages allows you to see which of your competitors’ pages are getting the most traffic.

Ahrefs constantly innovates with standard features and allows us to learn about them at any time.


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