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Social media marketing (SMM for short) differs from the private use of social networks. As private people, we often consume social media content in an unstructured manner. Networking with friends, acquaintances, and people with the same interests is in the foreground. On the other hand, social media marketing requires a much more strategic approach to pursue the goals set. These can be designed in different ways – in the end, however, there is always the pursuit of economic success for one’s own company.

With social media marketing, companies can reach potential prospects and new customers, bind existing customers more closely, and strengthen their brand image. The difference between traditional media such as radio, print, or TV advertising lies in the top target group. While there is high wastage in the media mentioned, relevant target groups can be addressed explicitly with social media measures. There are hardly any limits to the targeting options on many platforms. Whether demographic characteristics, user behavior, or interests – tailor-made advertising content can be played out for each user group. In contrast to other advertising channels, these offer the consumer real added value so that the content is received much more positively and intensively.

Communicate at eye level

Speaking or at least understanding the target group’s language is at least as important as being informed. What is successfully used in sales and psychology is a powerful tool, especially in social media: the relationship level. Whatever goal you are pursuing through social media marketing: It is essential to have the proper communication and understanding of the target group.

Interpersonal interaction creates trust. And both that trust and popularity should make your product sell itself. After all, the personal recommendation or assessment of a product by like-minded people is more credible than the marketer himself.

Clear the stage for influencers

Nothing is as compelling as the recommendation or opinion of a crowd-pleaser. Influencers are ambassadors, experts, and role models at the same time. Therefore, they play an important, and above all powerful, role in social media marketing. Influencers are well-known people who use their reputation on social media to influence potential customers positively. They have widespread influence, have a high reach, and usually gather a large community (or followers) around them who are already receptive to their offer.

The strategy can only work if you choose the right influencer. Factors such as industry, reach, audience or channels form an essential guideline and should fit your product or company. An influencer with a youthful audience will be less successful at recommending properties.

Cooperation with the right influencers can be enormously valuable.

Good tool, half the job

To publish posts directly in all selected networks, create campaigns, or track, compare, plan and measure – various tools are available here that make your work much more accessible and save time.

Social media marketing is a very effective tool for effectively improving sales, awareness, or image with the right tools. The dialogue with potential customers is wanted today and brings a lot of added value. But be careful: many opportunities also mean many risks. If you don’t know your target group or use the wrong strategy, you can quickly make a mistake or two.

Promoneum Review

What is promoneum?

promoneum is a specialist advertising and social media agency. promoneum specializes in advertising tailored for small businesses, brands, and recruitment teams. They help their clients increase their organic reach with the ideal customers, applicants, business partners, and the like. At the same time, promoneum works to convert the audience built into qualified leads, applicants, event attendees, and the like. To do this, they formulate a successful advertising strategy for their customers’ businesses right from the start.

All plans include researching relevant content, sharing content on Twitter, a LinkedIn company page, a Facebook fan page, and Google My Business. The higher tariffs offer additional services. Some of these other services include tracking active users, recommending and promoting, publishing a monthly blog, creating social profiles, 24-hour social media presence, social media advertising, research, and goal tracking, monitoring and responding to social profiles, hosting a webinar, researching influencers, and a whole host of other options.

promoneum Marketing Group is an award-winning, full-service SEO agency. promoneum understands the value and importance of data in a marketing strategy. Therefore, they combine these to use them to benefit their customers.

promoneum has a high customer retention rate thanks to its competent team members. The promoneum team consists of SEO experts, web strategists, content writers, graphic designers, programmers, developers, etc.

They offer comprehensive digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes:

  •     SEO
  •     Conversion Optimization
  •     Online Reputation Management
  •     Content Development
  •     development of social media

What makes promoneum different from other reputable marketing and advertising agencies? They work according to a performance-based model. No contracts are required at promoneum, and all work is carried out in-house. You don’t have to worry about your marketing material being outsourced.

Creating a plan with promoneum is easy. All you have to do is call, develop a strategy that works for your business, and adjust and improve as needed.


  • SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • performance-based model
  • value and importance of data in a marketing strategy.

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