Kentico Cms Review

Kentico review

The .Net-based CMS Kentico is used for over 12,000 websites worldwide. Large customers such as McDonald’s, Sony, O2, and Mazda rely on the high-performance, flexible, and user-friendly content management system. But the system is particularly suitable for SMEs due to the favorable licensing and the many ready-made modules: Kentico CMS is delivered with more than 330 configurable web parts and 40 modules and thus offers an out-of-the-box complete package for developers and users.

Out of the box features

Everything has been thought of: from simple picture galleries to a Microsoft Sharepoint connection to forms of all kinds. Web parts for navigation are also included; they can be customized via CSS. The system recognizes mobile devices such as iPhone or Blackberry and forwards the user to a mobile-optimized website version. Existing HTML can be easily integrated into templates and layouts.

Behind Kentico CMS is the company Kentico Software, founded in 2004 in the Czech Republic. The CMS has an extensible and open API, but the source code is protected. Depending on the type of license, Kentico already offers many modules and functions that are expensive to purchase in other systems or have to be developed in-house.

Once you have logged into the backend, you will immediately find your way around the intuitively usable interface. Anyone who has worked with MS Office Suite or any other web CMS will have no problems completing their tasks quickly.

Of course, Kentico CMS also offers insight editing with the CKEditor, which can be expanded and adjusted via XML and JSON.

For editors, MyDesk offers a basis for document management. There’s even a recycle bin, so accidentally deleted items or pages can be restored with one click.

Kentico is one of the lesser-known solutions, especially compared to the other three options, but it is one of the most powerful. However, it is also one of the most expensive platforms, with differences, in terms of licenses only surpassed by the paid version of Magento. Thus, it is an “all-in-one” platform for CMS (content management), eCommerce, and online marketing. It allows you to manage content, send newsletters, or create email marketing campaigns without external tools. The base install includes all of this on the platform!

Kentico includes impressive features such as a powerful content manager, eCommerce with multiple options, multilingual content, separation of design and content, marketing automation, possibility of more resounding Lead Nurturing, email marketing, contact management, Lead Scoring, integrated management of campaigns, newsletters, Social Marketing…

Advantages of Kentico:

All-in-one platform.

  • Kentico is easy to use, both for the developer team and those dedicated to editing content. In addition, the management panel is very intuitive to use, both for adding and modifying web content (CMS) and for managing the online store.
  • Extensible and scalable. Kentico’s API can be integrated with anything and features advanced scalability. It can be written like any other ASPif a feature doesn’t exist. NET. It also blends in less time than the rest of the platforms.
  • Complete control over design and code.
  • Robust set of eCommerce features and customizable checkout processes.
  • Kentico allows marketing automation, always depending on the contracting license.
  • Includes 24/7 support.


 Kentico has a fair price and no hidden costs, which gives the client peace of mind regarding the cost of licensing and maintenance of the platform. Kentico is designed for dynamic and innovative companies that want to face digital transformation and design business models focused on personalizing and automating the user experience. It is an all-in-one comprehensive content management system with more than 70 modules tested and ready to be used centrally and with easy integration.

Kentico review


Phone and email support by a team of professional engineers and marketers worldwide available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kentico has a network of more than 1,000 agencies and strategic allies worldwide. Fast response times and additional support on demand. Kentico has many features in the box that are all updated once, so you don’t have to rely on third parties to create customizations compatible with the latest version of Kentico.

Disadvantages of Kentico:

  •     The license price starts from 3,999 euros, so it is costly for small businesses.
  •     Kentico requires demanding hosting: Windows Server, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or 4.7, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server, and a minimum of 4 Gb of RAM and 200 Mb of database size (recommended 8GB of RAM and 1 GB of database size, depending on the type of store).
  •     You have to generate the entire design from scratch (CSS); there are no templates with pre-designs like on other platforms. Depending on how you look, this can be an advantage since you have complete control of the HTML and CSS code.
  • Kentico is ideal for large projects or with large or complex integrations and when you want an easy and intuitive administration panel (much more than Magento). Also, I recommend it for marketing automation projects since it allows you to do without other external tools.

Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership


  •     Total cost of ownership for the first year $5,459 usd
  •         Licensing $4 499.00 usd
  •         Solution Maintenance $960.00
  •         Plugins or additional $0.00
  •         Support installation of plugins or additional $0.00
  •     Total cost of ownership for three years $10 378.33 usd
  •         First Year Total Cost of Ownership (5,459) $5,459 + Twice Maintenance Cost (960*2) $1,920.67 + License Maintenance (1,499*2) $2,998 = $10,378


  •     The total cost of ownership for the first year USD 11,940
  •         Licensing USD 0
  •         Solution maintenance $3,840 usd
  •         Plugins or additional $1,500 USD
  •         Support installation of plugins or an additional $6,600
  •     The total cost of ownership for three years USD 35,820is 
  •         The total first-year cost of ownership multiplied by three.

Featured Features:

  •     Kentico – All-in-one Platform (Content Management System + Ecommerce + Centralized Online Marketing)
  •         Digital Marketing: Manage digital marketing campaigns, sending emails, segmentation, marketing automation, content personalization, prospect qualification, A/B tests, testing, and monitoring of the profile on multiple sites.
  •         WCM content management system: Multilanguage content, Drag-and-drop Portal Engine, Multisite, Responsive, Adaptable to any mobile device, customizable pages, and titles. Integration with social networks.
  •         E-commerce (Electronic Commerce): Discounts, product variants, customization of the checkout process, payment methods integration, management of orders and orders, personalized notifications.
  •         Platform: (HTML5, React, Angular). NET, Extensibility and open API, authentication, Full-text Search, Synchronization and Staging, data integration bus, Continuous integration through the entire platform. .Net security.

WordPress – Content Management System

  •         WCM: Multilanguage and multisite, Drag-and-drop Engine, Adaptable to any mobile device, Search Engine Optimization
  •         Platform: PHP, (HTML5, React, Angular), Platform customization, Extensibility and integration capabilities.

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