Dyson V15 Review

Dyson V15 Review

If the Dyson V11 has already left the flag high showing that it can replace the classic sled vacuum cleaner, the British firm up the ante with this Dyson V15. Its new flagship maintains the essence of the previous one and breastfeeds in innovation with a dirt recognition system and a special brush with a laser to see it better. Come on, like when your parents went to your student apartment and told you “how dirty you have it,” but with the subtlety that the figures give, something like a sophisticated cotton test. We have tested and reviewed the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, and this has been our experience.

Design: the surprise is in the accessories

Anyone who owns a Dyson or is familiar with the brand will not be struck by its aesthetics because it is more of the same. And be careful because it is not a criticism: their models are a reference, and their designs inspire other manufacturers. If something works, why change it? However, they are progressively introducing very slight improvements to tight lines and materials.

Thus, in this generation, the bright and cheerful colors of the house are maintained, the combination of aluminum and plastic to achieve lightness and resistance. Although we already warn you that, although comfortable, it feels forceful in hand, especially when we put long accessories and keep them in the air.

And since we mentioned accessories, let’s get it right: this Dyson V15 comes loaded up to the accessories flag. You have already seen in the datasheet that it is not cheap, but the versatility of its accessories makes this vacuum cleaner ready for any cleaning: floors, corners, upholstery, furniture, lamps, cars, carpets.


With the classic assembly mechanism that clicks when properly attached, here’s a quick look at the included accessories and what you can use them for on the Dyson V15 Absolute:

Wall bracket to hang it and have it collected but at hand.
Small bristle brush for stubborn dirt for scrubbing on heavily soiled fabrics.
Multifunction accessory combines a wide nozzle and brush for difficult cleaning, for example, on car upholstery.
Soft mini brush, with soft nylon bristles to remove dust from surfaces and objects
Tangle-free High Torque brush for vacuuming carpets and hard floors, designed so that hair does not get trapped.
Mini motorized brush to remove hair and stubborn dirt in tight spaces.
Corner for precise cleaning around corners and tight spaces.
Hair accessory, ideal if you have long or pet hair, with a conical shape.
New: Slim Fluffy laser brush special for hard floors, with a low profile to fit under furniture.
New compared to the Dyson V11 Absolute Extra that we analyzed: low zone adapter, an elbow-shaped crown jewel to clean hard-to-reach areas, for example, under the sofa, without forcing strange postures.

There are several notable aspects of the head, which, although they are not new, place the Dyson V15 in the noble zone of cordless vacuum cleaners.

The first is its large 0.76-liter tank, a more than enough capacity for day-to-day cleaning and even to clean the entire car without emptying it. In any case, emptying it is still a breeze, as we will see later.

Like the Dyson V11, it has an LCD screen that, although not necessary at all, provides extra information and helps to make operation intuitive. Thus, we can see what mode we are working, the battery that remains in real-time, and the approximate composition of what we suck.

Finally, there is its battery, completely removable. In times of planned obsolescence and welded components, it is appreciated that one of the parts that have the most ballots to deteriorate with use can be replaced simply by pressing the mechanism and pulling.

This piece also contains the motor, the HEPA filtering system, and the piezoelectric acoustic sensor responsible for monitoring the air intake and determining the particles it sucks in based on their size. Come on, it measures, counts, and classifies them.

The set itself is not particularly heavy compared to what is usual in this format, but the combination with accessories and the need to press the trigger to work sometimes makes the arm suffer. In this sense, the option to operate in continuous mode is missing.

The worst thing about using a sled vacuum cleaner is that you have to walk, Nudging it from here to there and calculating if the cable will reach you. Not the case with a cordless vacuum cleaner, but the search for lightness and the need to offer decent and useful values ​​for cleaning can compromise power.

That’s the challenge that marks how good an upright vacuum cleaner is, and the Dyson V15 far exceeds it. These days of analysis, we have tested it in common scenarios such as the floor, the sofa, the corners, or even the car, a particularly complex space both because it is small (in my case more, since I have a Polo) and because the upholstery It is a magnet for hair and dirt. And taking a dog as a passenger doesn’t help at all.

The Dyson V15 offers three different cleaning modes with consequent autonomy.

The Eco mode is the least powerful, which allows you to extend the autonomy exceeding the hour. We have used it often for tile and parquet floors.

The medium mode is intermediate in power and autonomy, which is close to 40 minutes. Very useful for very dirty floors, corners and light cleaning of sofas or carpets.

But if you face dirt embedded in fabrics such as carpets or upholstery, it is better to use the Boost mode. Here the autonomy is just over 10 minutes.

There is an extra mode for those who do not want to be aware, and that has to do precisely with its ability to detect dirt: the Auto mode. Thus, if you place an accessory for the floor, the vacuum cleaner modifies the suction power depending on what is detected, which optimizes the battery life.

It is surprising how it changes from the lightest mode when you vacuum the center of the room to how the power increases (and consequently, it makes more noise) when you go to a corner where the most stubborn dirt is hidden.

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