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Canvas Cms

Need fast speed on your full-stack CMS platform but facing a tough time?

Customizing an open-source platform could be tricky. This is forcing the organization to think of better solutions. Cloud CMS platforms are there to provide one of those solutions.

Building a custom platform from scratch could be costly, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Building and maintaining a reliable backend system could be expensive. This is where the cloud platform that offers headless CMS comes into the picture.

This article explains Cloud CMS and details some great platforms out of the box in just minutes.

Understand the CMS in the cloud

Cloud CMS platforms are pre-built, out-of-the-box systems that allow you to manage your content in the cloud securely. It gives you a pre-built admin panel to order categories, tags, and articles online at a fair monthly price. It helps you focus on the central aspect of creating a lightning-fast website interface by using Cloud CMS as a backend for content management.

This architectural approach allows you to create a completely serverless website and frees you from any challenges in keeping your backend services uptime. Most platforms are designed to scale quickly when you need to. You only pay the corresponding monthly fees without any initial investment.

Let’s explore them…

CMS in the cloud

Cloud CMS is an enterprise-grade platform with excellent features like Git version control, multiple environments, and easy team collaboration. It has a premium price compared to other CMS discussed later. However, the price comes with the benefits it has to offer.

The main benefit is the ease of unlimited content! Below are some of its outstanding features.

Project wise content management

Cloud CMS Project Dashboard

Cloud CMS allows users to organize content into separate projects. This will enable companies to manage the content of their different websites or different modules within the same platform. This ensures that a common API standard is followed across all sites or modules. You can create unlimited categories, tags, and the actual content within a project.

Content-Type Form Builder

In a company, there could be various content to publish, such as blog articles, website pages, white papers, news, events, and rich media. With Cloud CMS, you can define each content type and the required fields for the content type. This ensures that all data relevant to the respective content type is collected. The GUI-based form builder makes it easy to add validations and information about what to expect.

Canvas CMS

Next-generation AMP and Responsive content management system for modern web design. Pages are easily configured with drag & drop technology, meaning you can seamlessly move content on the page. Dozens of widgets could be dropped on the page for easy configuration of text, slider, image, video, and much more!


Build and manage dynamic databases right from inside Canvas®. Our intuitive system allows you to connect your data directly to web pages and business logic to create dynamic pages easily. Use our extensive APIs to integrate your data from other sources right into your website and marketing landing pages.

Power of Cloud Technology in Your Hands

Within Canvas CMS, each website has its cloud drive housing all the images utilized, making it easy to add pictures to web pages. The cloud drives syndicates to multiple data centers to serve files from the closest location for an optimized experience.

Mobile Responsive and AMP Powered

Our websites are responsive, but our CMS Canvas is also responsive! You can operate Canvas® on any device, allowing you to create pages, update contact information, or access analytics from your cell phone. The user-friendly platform is also AMP certified and device friendly, keeping a streamlined user experience despite your operating device.

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