Black Shark 4 Review

Black Shark 4 Review

A few months ago, a new Black Shark 4 terminal was presented. Today we have it here to analyze and test it in real use conditions. As an advance: it is a terminal with Gaming features at a very reasonable price. keep reading review.

The phone case is black with green accents. The name of the model comes at the top with some very special letters. The Hi-Rest Audio logo appears on one of the sides, and the main features of the terminal appear at the bottom. The CE symbol (European Conformity) is appreciated, which indicates that it meets the legal and technical minimums in terms of safety to market it in Europe.

As soon as we open it, we find a small box containing the instruction manual, stickers, and a translucent rigid cover. Below is the terminal wrapped in plastic. As we take it, we can see the current charger (Spanish version) from 5V to 3A / 9V to 3A / 11v to 6.1A with a maximum power of 67W and the USB type C cable. The comment that the Chinese version comes with a 120W charger


This Black Shark 4 is updated to Android 11 under the JoyUI customization layer in its version 12.5. It is a modified version of MIUI (Xiaomi customization layer). This can be seen because the reference to the Xiaomi operating system has been left in some parts of the menu.

It is a “Global” ROM or operating system with automatic updates and with Google services installed. It includes Google Play, YouTube, Maps, Gmail … And unlike the software provided by Xiaomi, this one comes without any sponsored application. It also does not include a native application to use the FM radio.

This ROM brings the main languages ​​of the world, including Basque, Catalan, and Galician.

Another difference concerning MIUI is that the application box is enabled by default, where we can find all the apps installed on the phone.

As for the functionalities that we find in the settings menu, the one that stands out the most is the possibility of configuring the screen refresh rate to 144Hz. On the other hand, being an AMOLED screen, you can also configure the “Always on-display” so that the lock screen remains on with the time. By setting the screen refresh rate to the maximum, you get more fluid handling of the device.

On the other hand, mention that not all applications are designed for these refresh rates, and many applications/games will limit the frames per second (fps) to be displayed.

Another thing that this operating system includes is that you can also configure several faces to unlock the phone, just like the fingerprint reader. Both work very well, and unlocking is practically instantaneous.

You don’t have to press (just resting your finger is enough).

Unlocking test

And since it is a gaming phone, it brings a “Shark Space” game mode that optimizes the terminal for a high-performance model, avoiding annoying notifications and improving the data network. It is a complete application with many configuration options (the gadget’s essential ones that appear when you slide your finger on the upper left part).

In the settings menu of the application and the phone’s main menu, we can find more s configuration settings and optimization.

In addition, when we start a game, it will allow us to configure the position that the trigger buttons will mark on the screen.

A configurable application (enabled by default) detects if the triggers are still off and show us a notification when we stop using a “Shark Space” game. I think it’s a very useful function that reminds us when we can save them.

Test Shark Space

On the other hand, there will be no problems playing the videos from Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime Video with quality higher than Full-HD since it has the Widevine L1 security level.

As always, after passing the Malwarebytes antivirus, it has not detected any malicious application that could put our data at risk.

Design and Materials

This new terminal is presented with a very defined aesthetic and is always geared towards gaming.

It measures 76.4mm wide, 163.8mm high, and is 9.9mm thick, bringing its weight to 217g. It is made of aluminum and, together with its blue-black color and gradients, makes it a very smartphone with a very premium appearance. (It has small gaming touches but not too many as if it happens in other phones of the same range).

The front part stands out for its small hole in the center of the screen. The usable screen area is around 85%. Mount a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel (manufactured by Samsung) with a Full HD + resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a density of 395 pixels per inch. The aspect ratio remains at 19.5: 9.

The screen quality is quite good, and the colors are very intense, notably its maximum brightness of 1300cd / m². In addition, the software allows you to calibrate screen colors and has a “reading” mode to protect your eyesight. The contrast ratio is 5000000: 1. It also has the HDR10 + certificate.

As I have already mentioned, this screen has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, which gives a greater feeling of fluidity and is something to be appreciated in a gaming terminal especially considering this starting price. A clear bet on gaming: its tactile response amounts to the incredible 720Hz.

As for resistance, they do not have any water resistance certificate or any Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

It is very elegant and striking at the back, thanks to the X-shaped gradients on the back. The upper central area has three cameras and a double LED flash that protrudes slightly. In this same back part and a little lower is the brand’s logo.

The edges of this back are slightly curved to make it more comfortable to grip.

The sides change concerning other phones. The left side has the slot for nano-Sims cards and the typical volume up and down button. On the contrary, it has the “power” button (on and off). It also works as a fingerprint reader.

But what is most striking are the two buttons on the extremities on the right side. These are switch styles (sliders) and enable two other buttons or triggers to make it more comfortable to play.

At the bottom, you have the USB type C (reversible), the stereo speaker, the microphone, and the 3.5mm Jack connector for the headphones. At the top of the phone, you only have the loudspeaker.

The sound is good, thanks in large part to its stereo speaker. However, the quality can be improved and the maximum volume as well.

Power and Hardware

As we can imagine, this terminal has a very powerful processor designed to obtain the best performance and thus be able to enjoy the best games. To get an idea and to be able to compare it, we have subjected it to the AnTuTu Benchmark version 9.0.5 performance test, achieving a score of 611,121.

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