Hasan Karimi

Musical artist

Music is an art that comes from the inner layers of a person and is considered a spiritual need. In fact, music becomes a tool by which a creative musician uses feelings, general knowledge, vision and humanity from what he has learned from his masters and also takes them to practical experience, and it is the hidden desires of the heart. It recreates the individual or the repressed socially. Among these, we can mention Hasan Karimi.

A great musician who has gained many students in this field and has many talents in the field of music

  Hasan’s music group named “Hanase”

He has been able to bring and attract many students to the field of music

and worked as a lecturer in art and music universities and the creator of new music sounds in the field

   It was acoustic and electric

In the field of Iranian cinema, Hassan has performed both music and as an actor in the movie Dynamite with the role of Haji

He has been able to play a role and show himself in the best way

Hasan’s other achievements include his music concerts

Hasan also teaches online music in other countries, including Turkey, Germany, the UAE, Russia, and Sweden, and teaches music through virtual space.

Sometimes, the diversity of Karimi’s works creates misunderstandings in the listeners of his works. Whenever we hear a work by hasan Karimi, we think that he only wrote a piece in this style and context.

Another popularity of Hasan in social media instagram, facebook, twitter, telegram,reddit,discord ,ok,Tumblr,  linkedin,likee

 is his similarity with the face of soccer player Mohamed Salah




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